Kaolin is an artist owned and run space founded in 1978. Since the beginning we have been located at Hornsgatan 50, near Mariatorget, in Stockholm, running a gallery and retail location for ceramics.

Today, the group has around twenty-five potters working with unique handicraft of first-rate, including utility goods as well as unique objects and sculpture in their own workshops all over the country.

In our beautiful gallery we show one-artist exhibitions by the members and also invite exciting exhibitors from both Sweden and abroad. Lately, we have concentrated on exhibitions and have invited many guests from the Scandinavian countries, mainly Denmark.

Kaolin serves as an important meeting place where we can exchange experience and knowledge and meet other professionals as well as art societies, collectors and those interested in ceramics.Owing to the fact that every member continuously works in the shop we also get a stimulating immediate contact with our visitors and customers.

The name Kaolin emanates from the place in China, a mountain called Gaoling, where the important kaolin clay was found, a pure fine-grained white clay forming part of both clay and glaze.