To potential members of Kaolin


Membership of Kaolin starts with one year of Guest Membership. After that, you can apply for Ordinary Membership by notifying the committee of your interest, after which they will process your application.

The service fee (1,125 kronor including VAT), commission (35%) and working days are the same for Guest Membership and Ordinary Membership but as a guest member you do not pay the joining fee of 4,000 kronor. You have the right to attend our meetings and have voting rights but are not able to hold a committee post.


Ordinary Membership means that you pay a joining fee of 4,000 kronor on joining the association (this fee will not be reimbursed if you leave the association). In addition to this one-off payment, a service charge is payable monthly and you agree to work in the shop/gallery a number of days per year.

Because Kaolin is a cooperative, we aim to split all the work between our members, working together in solidarity. Responsibilities such as work on exhibitions, signage and premises, and committee work count towards your working days, and will mean working fewer days in the shop/gallery.



• Approximately 12–14 days per year. Including sales in the store/gallery (2017)

• A monthly fee of 1 125 kronor including VAT (2017)

• Commission of 35% including VAT on all sales (2017)

• Attending meetings approximately 3–4 times a year (2 in the spring, one of which is an AGM at the end of March, plus 1–2 meetings in the autumn)

• Active involvement in the association

• Regular deliveries to the shop

• Participation in our meetings with voting rights

• Participation in Kaolin’s member exhibitions

• The opportunity to hold a one-person show at Kaolin

• Information and a network of contacts with other potters


To ensure a broad range of high-quality pieces, applicants to join the association must:

• Be working professionally

• Have an operating pottery workshop/studio

• Be able to make regular deliveries to the shop



• Write a brief summary of what you do, including your training and/or experience that you wish to cite and how long you have been working for.

• Tell us what you expect to gain from guest membership

• Name a referee

• Include pictures that are representative of your work in the past year (CD, USB stick or email). Do not send samples.

• Link to your website if you have one.

If you send your application by post and would like us to return your photographic material, it is helpful if you include a stamped addressed envelope. We are also happy to receive applications sent by email to [email protected]

There is one application window per year and submissions to Kaolin must be received by 15 January at the latest.


We look forward to receiving your application.

If you have any questions, please contact Kaolin’s curator:



Caroline Södergren

Hornsgatan 50

118 21 Stockholm

Tel/fax +46 (0)8-644 46 00

[email protected]