Kaolin’s exhibitions 2021

Masayoshi Oya

THE ART OF THE ORDINARY 18.9 – 6.10 2021

Everyday ceramic objects capture Masayoshi Oya’s interest and in his new exhibition he explores the ordinary and “normal” through shapes from Swedish domestic life. Why are some objects seen as art in Japan but as ordinary practical items in Sweden? Masayoshi Oya comes from Japan and his creativity is influenced by the Mingei philosophy which emerged in the early twentieth century and has also had a major influence on European studio ceramics, with trailblazers including Bernard Leach. Mingei is often translated as folk art, and the philosophy draws attention to the beauty and artistic value of apparently simple objects created by anonymous craftspeople. It is about freedom and confirming of the artist inside every one of us. Masayoshi Oya trained at Capellagården and the Academy for Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg. He has frequently attracted attention for his streamlined, refined ceramics, created with great skill and a certain, low-key humour. A member of Kaolin for many years, we are now delighted and proud to be able to welcome him back to our gallery with this thought-provoking exhibition.

Berenice Hernandez


In Berenice Hernandez’ works the viewer finds fluidity and fragility, but also strength and structure. With her apparently weathered ceramic building elements, she creates spatialities, locations and relationships. The sculptures become both images of societal structures and architectural experiments, in which the conditions of existence are problematised. The clay, the ceramics and their properties form the starting point for Berenice Hernandez’ artistry. In this exhibition at Kaolin, she also combines them with steel wire, wood, plaster and paper. The juxtaposition of the materials reinforces their respective character, making the ceramics visible on new terms. 

Berenice Hernandez started training as an artist in Mexico and after three years at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, she is now completing her training on the Ceramics and Glass Masters’ course at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design here in Stockholm. The exhibition at Kaolin is her first one-woman show in Sweden and we are very proud to present this unique and dynamic artist to our audiences.

Nona Otarashvili and Sophia Tabatadze

FACE YOUR FEARS 8.5 – 30.5 2021

A mutually stimulating encounter between two artistic temperaments and approaches expressed through boxes, vases and plates. The exhibition displays ceramic objects whose surface is covered with graphical ornamentation. The lively, spontaneous lines are combined with the stable and clear shapes of the objects.

Face your fears is the title of an exhibition in which existential questions are processed through colour and design. Dark, rough stoneware is juxtaposed with delicate porcelain and Nona Otarashvili’s sound craftsmanship and sense of design with Sophia Tabatadze’s rapid but analytical drawings. Maybe it is in this very dialogue between superficialities that we will find our answers?

Nona Otarashvili and Sophia Tabatadze have worked together on a number of artistic projects since 2009. Originally from Georgia, they now work in Berlin and Freiburg in Germany, where both also run successful individual studios. Nona trained at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in Georgia and Sophia at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. This is their first exhibition in Sweden. In these current times, where international contacts are limited, we are particularly delighted here at Kaolin to have the opportunity to bring the work of these dynamic artists to our audiences.




Frida Mälarborn Hoshino


The swirling marbling on Frida Mälarborn Hoshino’s dishes is an old friend. Lost in the labyrinthine ornamentation of dyed clay, the artist has now found a new way to move on. The patterns have started to spill beyond the delimited contours of the dishes, creating pieces in which shape and colour are given free rein. The techniques and materials are the same but the results are different.

In this exhibition, Frida Mälarborn Hoshino displays parallel work in the form of both the original dishes and her new, more painterly and sculptural pieces. The dishes are the starting point of the artistic process and the craft, but they too have come to be developed and changed in their turn through the work on the free shapes. Now dishes and objects together form a growing, intricate spatiality in which the viewer can lose themselves.

Frida Mälarborn Hoshino trained at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and at the School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg where she gained her Master’s degree in 2006. Her works have been purchased by the Public Art Agency Sweden and the Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft and she has a large number of exhibitions in Sweden and abroad under her belt. Her first one-woman show at Kaolin was in 2015 and we are delighted to be welcoming her back.

Calle Forsberg

ROUND 13.3 – 7.4 2021

The round shape emerges as hands, clay and the revolving potter’s wheel come together. In his exhibition at Kaolin, Calle Forsberg shows a number of variations on the theme, practical objects that in the past months have been thrown, fired and glazed in his workshop in Kummelnäs just outside Stockholm.

Drawing on traditional pottery, Calle Forsberg has put industrious work and a passion for the possibilities of clay into transforming practical ceramics and adapting them to contemporary tastes and habits. The bowls, plates, dishes, teapots and jars that leave his workshop bear an unmistakable stamp of harmonious confidence in themselves and their place in the world. Beauty and functionality are united.

Calle Forsberg is largely self-taught. He has been working with ceramics since the 1990s and has done a great deal through his career for functional ceramics and the people who work to make them. At Kaolin, we are delighted and honoured that he has chosen to show his latest works with us.





Tove Tengå, Malwina Kleparska, Emelie Thornadtsson


In this exhibition, we meet ceramics on the borderline between practical objects and sculpture. The shapes are gently organic and their surfaces covered with thousands of small fingerprints. The common theme is the vase as a sculptural form but the artists are also united in their working methods and the way they handle materials. The different properties of the clays stand out through a process of systematic sculpture in which the foremost tools are their own hands. Each object gains its own unique character from the traces left by the process and the individuality of its creator.

Malwina Kleparska, Emelie Thornadtsson and Tove Tengå first met on the ceramics course at Leksand Folk High School and now meet again in this joint exhibition a few years into their careers. They often gain attention in social media and interior design magazines for their processes that focus on materials, and for their products, which make a new contribution to the design and applied arts scene in Sweden and internationally.

Malwina trained at the Academy of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in 2016, and has been working in Gothenburg ever since. Emelie and Tove trained at Konstfack, where they graduated in 2015 and 2016, and work in Eskilstuna and Stockholm respectively. At Kaolin we are delighted and proud to now be presenting their work together.

Tove Tengå

Malwina Kleparska
Emelie Thornadtsson



Birgitta Jannesson

IN THE SHADOW OF A BOOK 30.1 – 17.2 2021

The books look old, worn and much read. Despite this, they were created swiftly and spontaneously – in clay. Just like a well-thumbed beloved book, each piece has a character and individuality of its own, but they also express something worrying and mysterious. Their semi-glossy covers and leaves, parchment-like with a brown patina, lend thoughts towards medieval monastery libraries and well-guarded treasures.

Artist and potter Birgitta Jannesson has always seen books as a way into new worlds. Now she has given herself plenty of time to explore their universe and the result is a fascinating collection of sculptural objects, in which the apparently well-known has been transformed in the heat of the kiln. The exhibition contains portraits of the book but also of the artist’s interior world and the different phases of the creative process.

Birgitta Jannesson works as a potter of practical pieces and as a sculptor. Working in Gothenburg since the 1990s, she has produced a number of exhibitions and commissions. We are delighted to welcome her to Kaolin for her first one-woman show with us.


Members’ exhibition 

THE BOWL 9.1 – 27.1 2021

Anne Junsjö, Ann-Sofie Gelfius, Emil Österholm, Fredrik Persson, Lisa Hellrup, Lisbeth Forsberg, Linda Ljunggren, Malin Grumstedt, Marika Beutler, Nina Pärnerteg, Suzzie Holler, Sophia Wallgren, Åsa Falkenbert

Kaolin launches the exhibition season with a generous exhibition on the classic functional item, the bowl, possibly the oldest and the most original of all ceramic objects. Originating in cupped human hands, it has lived on through the course of history and is now interpreted in a contemporary context by thirteen potters with different approaches to clay and design.

The exhibition features bowls for use and for decoration. Bowls that hold, show and invite. Bowls where the empty space is the content itself, or bowls that might have been made for fruit, dessert or breakfast porridge. The bowl is so natural that it is easy to ignore. Now it is time to give it the attention it deserves.