Andrea's practice involves a meticulous balance between artistic exploration and practical craftsmanship. She dedicates significant time to refining her techniques and experimenting with new ideas, ensuring each piece embodies the essence of her creative vision while maintaining functional integrity. She finds inspiration all around her, all the time, especially in nature. Through her ceramics she whishes to convey a message of tranquility and aesthetic appeal, enriching the ambiance of the home. To Andrea, home represents a sanctuary where she finds comfort and solace, surrounded by loved ones. She aspires for her creations to seamlessly integrate into the living space, becoming cherished elements of the home decor. She primarily works with dark brown stoneware and black porcelain. She employs a combination of throwing, slab building and hand building techniques, allowing her to explore various forms and create distinct aesthetic expressions.


Andrea Tsang

Siljansvägen 82
120 57 Årsta
[email protected]